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Customized Software Systems for Companies of All Sizes and Budgets.

Custom Software Development
Search Engine Optimization
cloud_uploadCloud Integration
Document Management

Solutions by Department


Optimize your SEO. Manage Social media, and email campaigns. Manage your website with an effective CMS.


Utilize the latest CRM tools and integrate with your email and phone systems.


Integrate online scheduling, manage your resources, and track your work flow process.


Integrate with your favorite Accounting System. Manage payroll and track your cash flow.

Customer Support

Support your customer base. Track service requests and issues to resolution.

Asset Management

Manage your assets. Track your fleet of vehicles. Manage maintenance tasks.


Below are just some of the industries, systems, and technologies we have experience with.


Banking & Finance
Shipping & Logistics
Sales & Marketing
Bidding / Project Management


Document Management
Work Flow / BPMS


C# / .NET
Amazon Web Services
Mobile Technologies

Some FAQ’s

Below are some of the services we provide.

Most applications are built completely from scratch. Unfortunately, this approach has proven to be both time consuming and expensive. It also produces an enormous number of errors.
Our approach is different. Our software is assembled from a collection of common components. We utilize concepts such as "prefabrication", "automation", and "abstraction".
This vastly reduces the code and complexity of our software applications making them easy to build and maintain.
Most of the people running software companies came from a sales background. Their primary focus is on generating revenue and closing deals. They have little or no knowledge of how to actually build a software application much less how to architect an enterprise system.
Our background is in technology. We can distinguish between an elite software architect and a run of the mill programmer.
  1. First we do a free analysis of your company and your current process.
  2. Next we create a proposal of work. Often a proposal is broken down into small "projects" along with estimates.
  3. We sign a simple, easy to understand contract where all terms are spelled out clearly.
  4. We follow an "Agile SCRUM" approach to software development. Work is broken down into small 2 to 3 week "deliverables".
  5. We deliver results very quickly.

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